Riccardo Brignone and Chloe Valor

Welcome to our travel blog!


We are Riccardo and Chloe, a wanderlust-filled couple based in the heart of London, and we are thrilled to take you on an exhilarating journey of our adventures around the globe.


Our love story began eight years ago in the enchanting streets of London. Riccardo, hailing from Italy, and Chloe, a proud French woman, found each other in this diverse and vibrant city. From the moment we met, it was clear that our shared passion for travel would become the cornerstone of our relationship.

The fusion of our Italian and French backgrounds created a unique bond, where we embraced each other's cultures, languages, and traditions. The richness of our combined heritage added color to every experience, and our love transcended borders as we ventured hand in hand into the world.


Throughout the years, we've embarked on many journeys that have left indelible marks on our souls. From savoring gelato while admiring Rome's timeless marvels to embracing the artistry of Parisian streets, each destination has opened our eyes to the world's wonders.


The beaches offered moments of tranquility, the serenity of the mountains brought inner peace, and the bustling markets of each city visited ignited our senses. Whether it was the picturesque landscapes of Scotland or the majestic falls in Croatia, we embraced each destination with open hearts and adventurous spirits.


In our travel blog, we'll be sharing practical tips to enhance your travel experiences and create unforgettable memories. From packing hacks to navigating foreign cultures, we hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the vast beauty of our world.


Moreover, we believe in the power of cultural exchange. Traveling has taught us to be respectful and curious about the traditions and customs of the places we visit. Through these encounters, we've discovered that people around the world may speak different languages, but kindness and warmth are universal languages ​​that connect us all.


As we continue to explore the world together, we invite you to be part of our adventures. Follow our blog as we unravel hidden gems, share breathtaking landscapes, and celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity. From the cobbled streets of European cities to the remote corners of distant continents, we'll bring you along as we create cherished memories and deepen our love for each other and the world.


So, buckle up and get ready to explore the globe with Riccardo and Chloe. Let's celebrate the beauty of travel, embrace different cultures, and find inspiration in the shared human experience. Together, we'll embark on a journey that celebrates love, adventure, and the boundless wonders that await us.

See you on the road!


With love and wanderlust,


Riccardo and Chloé.


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